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Tonight at 10:00 pm PDST. Fox news is doing a story on whether or not model
rockets can be used by terrorists and the need to more closely regulate the
hobby. I'm not going to miss this one.
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Reece Talley
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So, I just finished watching it. About 3 min. total. The only troubling part that I saw was the continued repeating of the old "APCP could be stockpiled by terrorists to be used as some kind of explosive" line. Geez, I really thought we were past that crap. How do we get folks to understand, AP does not explode?
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Reece Talley
It's FOX, what do you expect? Watched by soccer moms and white trash.
Ummmmm... except you, RT... :-)>
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No dosen't explode in grain or slug form ... only the surface area burns ... but if you grind it up and mix in a little black powder ... BAMM!
I would use it to power rockets tiped with improvised explosive warheads or to deliver Seryn, Anthrax, Bubonic Plague ... stuff that can be easily made in large quatities in a basement or garage.
But then what is the definition of a terrorist? Sometimes its not the body count that matters, but the fact that the terrorist was able to disrupt normal everyday life ... I think a salvo of explosive or bio-rockets launched against a major U.S. city would make the evening news?
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Word of Reason
WOW ... why are you going back 2 years and attaching new information with old?
Look, I don't care if Jerome and Frank are NOW buds ... facts are that Frank sued Jerome and won a judgement against Jerome for fraud ... FACT.
Then shortly there after, Franks business was torched ... FACT.
The only suspect was one Jerome Irvine. The police and firemashall did an investigation, and had to let Jerome go due to lack of evidence, NOT lack of suspects ... FACT.
So beware of Jerome ... he has tried to change his spots several times over the last couple of decades ... he has screwed and defrauded 100s of rocketeers, store owners, distributors, ect.. DON'T take him lightly ... he can sink a blade in your back in a heart beat, dead or alive, he will attack you.
Ok so Frank and Jerome have made up, now what about the other thousand or so people he has screwed? Jim Turner? Alex, Steve, ... selling AP binders that had already hardened in their metal drums ... the list goes on ... so he makes up with one major figure, tries to position himself as the savior of NAR, and you fools go running right back to his teet ... and you wonder why your hobby is in disarray ... you wonder why ...
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Word of Reason
The fact that you don't show any proof of this doesn't make you more credible than any other anonomous troll.
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Phil Stein
What a moronic statement. How about, " fuel oil is not an explosive, but mix it with Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer and you have a blasting agent." I guess we need a law, forcing conversion to some form of alternative fuel and the use something else for fertilizer". You are either a liberal idiot do gooder or a DOJ/ATF disinformation JBT..
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W. E.Fred Wallace
Just for the record, it's SARIN.
It's obvious that you are simply enjoying writing garbage as your whole post is harmful and in any case utterly lacking in tactical sense. I would almost enjoy watching you try these things. If a dolt like you lived through the manufacturing phase of a biotoxic agent (which I doubt would happen) you would probably launch into the wind and have the whole mess blow back on you. In either case the only likely casualty is you.
Just for the record, what are you getting out of these posts?
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Al Gloer
Big F>
Right, the report that calls APCP a "Class B explosive". Yeah, that'll convince 'em. Geez Jerry, get clue for crying out loud.
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An awful lot of things will explode if mixed with black powder...
I suppose a rocket could deliver a toxin that way; but so could a slingshot, ballista, potato gun, RC airplane, balloon, ultralight aircraft, kite, et cetera, ad infinitum.
Perhaps the operative phrase is "I would..." What are you doing on a model rocketry newsgroup?
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Scott Schuckert
What did they cover? (RocStock?)
Did you call the reporter and offer to correct the errors?
Can you do an "editorial reply" or something like that to correct the errors.
I've done local news (radio), but it was a positive story. The reporter kept my name and contacted me again many months later for other info.
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Fred Shecter
Speaking of which, did any one see todays Non Sequitur...
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Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
Bill, What I saw was a version that had been edited by the local affiliate. And the message was not at all clear. Something about APCP, MR and ATF. Frankly, I don't think the station had a clue.
While I tend to think Fox isn't as fair and balanced as they portend, what you saw could have been heavily affected by the editors at the local affiliate, who may have radically different perspectives than the network.
PS: As for "fair and balanced", well, I do see Fox as having somewhat a "balancing" effect because their views are usually opposite that of the other 3 networks :)
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Doug Sams

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