100mm motor opportunity at LDRS?

Mark Simpson and I were going to work up a FTBOD on one of the EX days
powered by a specially-made "shrimpy" version of my 100mm motor system.
This motor works out to a 7100-M1300, and is 4" OD.
Since the FTBOD won't be flying, need to know if I should bring the
motor on the off chance that someone else might want to use this
as a power plant in their EX project--I realise this is very, very
late in the game, but thought I might as well check.
If anyone is interested, let me know soon--I need to get the fuel
grains machined slightly so that the nozzle and injector will fit--
my other batch of fuel grains is currently out west for Dave Rosses
15000N1750 attempt in a Delta Clipper upscale. The grains I have
lying around are ever-so-slightly undersized. I won't got to the
expense of machining them if no-one is going to be using them at
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Marcus Leech
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Bobby will be at the July METRA launch. Will you be? I can't pry a reply out of your prefect (probably hates e-mail like any intelligent person would), and need to make sure I have enough L2 people there. I plan to step up to the next level of rocketry expense then.
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Al Gloer
Al, I will be there. Ray (our beloved but probably non-e-communicative prefect) will also. For sure.
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