November METRA Launch

METRA Launch November 5 / 6 Pine Island NY

METRA [ home of the first NERRF launch ] is holding a 2 day INDY Launch on Nov. 5th and 6th. INDY = EX and Commercial combined launch]


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for more details and directions Check the METRA website at 7:00 PM Friday 11/4/2005 for a FINAL Launch GO/NOGO decision.

METRA launches offer:

1) 12,000 ft standing waiver

2) M Impulse Limit (10,000ns)

3) 12 low power pads (Estes)

4) 18 Mid/High power pads (RF)

5) Away Cell(s) for large projects (up to 4 RF cells) Unistrut or Extreme

6) Vast Sod farm for EZ recovery

7) Porto Lav facility onsite

Vendors onsite:

1) Hangar 11, Inc.

2) Nadines Hot Dogs

Spectators Welcome

NOTE: Due to very dry field conditions Sparky motors are "NO GO" at this time.

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Will this be re-evaluated shortly before the launch? We got 5 inches of rain in 24 hours, the day after you posted this!

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Yes... If field conditions allow, Sparkies will be allowed.

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