Phoenix Rocketry Might Kat Dual Deployment

Hi, I building a Phoenix Rocketry Might Kat (renamed K.E.W after my fiancé)
that I want to build it so it does the 8 motor cluster but I shall also have an
inertchangble mount such as 3 x 24 or X x 18mm etc. The main issue is I want to
add a dual deployment so she splits into sections. My problem is I have the
following to use without changing the length of the bird: -
1. 24'' BT before MMT section is made (19'' after MMT section)
2. Allow I guess 5'' max for the MMT section as I shall do clusters of 3
Estes E9's
3. I'm going to using my G-wiz LC deluxe for deployments
Please can you help and any drawing will be great (paint job ones). I have no
idea what to make or use for the bay for my electronics.
All help is going to be really great full received here.
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