Re: [F-FT] Another round of RMS questions

The igniters I hand out at the SCRA launches are Magnelite pyrogen. They
sent a free starter set to club reps who responded to a message about
availability of a free starter set. It came with the pyrogen mix and a few
sets of wires that you could dip.
The logic of the free set is that you will either buy more sets of wires or
tell many others about the fine product.
This product is FANTASTIC.
I make my own wire sets and dip them. Different sizes and lengths for the
wide variety of Model Rocket motors that I see at our SCRA launches. I use
super thin 'wire-wrap' wire with 32 or 34 ga. nichrome for thin igniters and
I use 'bell wire' with the same nichrome for larger nozzles. You can even
remove the insulation from one bell wire lead to make it smaller.
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