Igniters for F & G clusters

I have several rockets with clustered 29mm motor mounts, which I like
to launch with (for example) one H128 & two G38. I used to use "Fire
in the Hole" igniters for this, and they worked wonderfully, first
time, every time.
However, now that they're no longer available, I'm having an terrible
time with these rockets; I've had at least three launches where the
smaller F or G motors didn't ignite with the igniters I was using
(homemade nichrome wire-wrapped, then dipped in pyrogen). I always
use a multimeter to test the igniters after I've put them in place,
since I've had previously tested igniters "short out" after being
pushed into some of the smaller nozzles. I've tried using DaveyFire
igniters, but those won't fit into the smaller F or G nozzles even
without an additional coating of pyrogen...
Are there any other igniters which will fit the smaller F/G nozzles
and which will ignite reliably for clusters??
Ric T.
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Ric T.
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Have you ever considered Magnelite?
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Greg D. Rocketflite/Magnelite
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