Re: GPS Height and Speed Work Around

> Why couldn't a GPS antenna coupled with a telemetry unit be used to send the

> > GPS rf received on a flight to a land unit that would actually do the > > calculations? There would be no drop out and the data interpretation could > > lag 30 to 40 seconds behind if necessary. One would have a data file with > > all the info provided by the myriad of recording units on the market.

Easiest way to do something like this properly would be either: 1. A small single-board computer reading the GPS units output (NMEA?) and then transmitting over telemetry. 2. Build an uController based telmetry system with UART input to do the same.

Fewer parts, less power needed, less mass to altitude.

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I think the original idea was to get the GPS engine out of the rocket because they have problems with vibration and high G's.

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