10 milli watt On-Board Video Edge Of Range Test

I wondered just what the raw edge of range on 10 milli watts of 2.4ghz license free transmitting power is.

Mark Palmer help me prove that I could get 1 mile clear signal range on the Booster Vision Mini GearCam with the 14db receiving antenna. He flew that on a 5.5" ISQY Tomahawk on a Pro75 L-800 to a stump pullin' flight.

I still keep wondering how high the signal fades out to nothing.

At Midwest Power, Clayton of the Jackson Michigan Club, JMRC flew his L3 Rocket on a HyperteK M1010 provided by Scott Miller of SFSM Industries.

He build a beefed up Hitch Hiker pod for one of my GearCams and I used the 14db receiver antenna to follow it up as best I could.

Snitch Girl, Emily Palmer, held the TV, and if I lost the signal, she told me and I could position the antenna better.

You see, his rocket disappeared from sight 2/3 of the way up !

After the rocket passes our F5 clear signal range of about 1 mile, you will see drops outs as the fast spinning rocket puts the tx antenna on the far side facing away from the receiver on the ground.

His Rocket Reaches 13,800 Feet and we still got a video signal at the top !

At apogee, almost 3 miles, the signal would move from F0 to F4 in and out as the rocket changes positions in the sky.

In Ham TV, F1 is almost all snow and F5 is clear.

I've posted the video link and some kewl stills here:

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Please let me know what you think.

Art Upton K8XG

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Nice Video Art. did you get any of the video from the 3 miles it traveled before it landed. Could some of the drop out be caused by the spin's?

Dan McCullough TRA #7963 L3 AHPRA XPRAA Former Michigan Team 1

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Dangerous Dan

Mostly, the spin does cause the drop outs, mostly.

I did get video of it's flight on the way down.

Some issues. On the way down from 2-1/2 miles, we lost sight of it a few times, and I would sweep the sky with the directional antenna. Emily would tell me when I found it by seeing the signal come back in on the hand held TV she was watching.

When I did get it back in sight, the rocket was spinning real fast on the recovery setup it had.

When the main came out, it had some really nice stable video again, and made it easy to see what field it was falling in for recovery.

This URL has some really nice stable videos on it for everyone's enjoyment:

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I did like this extreme edge test however, it's fun to 'wrench out the max' on something sometimes !


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