[PR] New BoosterVision Videos. Solids and Hybrids, and still picture vid caps

It has been very busy the last 30days flying rockets. Myself and others have
been making some new videos, and I've posted the new ones on my website.
My newest one is flying the Mini GearCam on a hitch hiking pod on the side
of my LOC J-Roc. This was flown at Michigan International Speedway and when
you look at the video, you can see how the rocket did not even spin, not
once during boost. It was a very straight up flight.
The video starts out preloading and showing the still of the J-Roc take off.
Make sure to check out the still picture set of the vid caps of the MIS
video as well.
Next, Paul Tobias of JMRC flew a Hi-Power system on only the duck antennas
inside a SFSM SS Special. This was powered by a HyperTek Hybrid for a great
flight. This is the first time I got to hear the on board filling and firing
of the HyperTek system. Give a listen to the tank purge air, and the GOX
fill and fire. Also, the large rocket sound so cool when it comes to a stop
at apogee.
Also, Ray Dunakin has been flying the Hi-Power system in the desert. He had
a mishap or two, but I think the flights on video look really good. Take a
look at the still picture sets to see a breakup in flight.
Near the bottom of the video page, you can see some videos we use for our
sister site,
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The mini GearCam is mounted in an R/C car and
driven in the street, as well as a flying electric wing.
See the videos at:
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Looking forward to LDRS and many video opportunities there.
Art Upton
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