ROL NEWS--BoosterVision Combo Offerings

BoosterVision Combo Offerings
April 8, 2005
Web posted at: 12:58 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- BoosterVision has come out with two new combos for
April. Chief engineer Art Upton reported, "We have teamed up with LOC
and Semroc to offer these combos at an attractive savings during their
initial offering only for a limited time".
The first offering is a BoosterVision Mini GearCam set, shipped with the
Semroc Goliath and instructions on how to modify the payload to carry
the mini GearCam. "The Goliath is a natural Mini GearCam carrier, as
many saw at NARCON", Art Remarked. "It flies right in your local park"
The second offering is the BoosterVision Mile High system with the LOC
Weasel used as a high performance Mini GearCam Carrier. Instructions on
mounting the GearCam are also included. Art Finalizes, "We have flown
the LOC Weasel on many Hi Power motors, and it's a perfect fit to the
Mile Hi System we offer." More information is available at
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Source: BoosterVision
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That's nice Loc names a rocket after Jerry. I think they should have called it the Big Fine instead of the Weasel.
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Phil Stein
I'm not the one that first mentioned Weasels and you only wish I (or someone else) were fixated on you.
You think I'm rude because I'm better than you at your own game.
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Phil Stein
Yes you are.
The other poster mentioned a hobby rocket kit CALLED weasel.
You are a blatant liar too.
> and you only wish I (or > someone else) were fixated on you. > > You think I'm rude because I'm better than you at your own game.
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Jerry Irvine
A Weasel is a Weasel. Learn to accept the fact that you are one and you'll be much happier. I think everyon on rmr has accepted you as one.
You might think I'm a liar but I've never been proven to be one - as opposed to you who has been proven to be one - in court no less.
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Phil Stein
AMAZING...You can twist even the most unrelated thread into a bash session....Grow Up! This was product announcement and not an open invitation for you or any one else to flame!
Mark " I need another cup of coffee before I finish reading RMR today" Palmer
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Mark A Palmer
I cannot say anything sufficiently disrespectful without exceeding even my liberal standards of non-politeness on rmr.
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Jerry Irvine
WHen Chad posted this
I was thinking Poor Jerry was being held in check by someone's kids.
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Phil Stein

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