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Hi all,
> This link shows the results of my first attempt, EVER, of creating a > website.
formatting link

> I taught myself how to write the HTML code, along with how to attach
> pictures, make links, embed links in pictures, and make background
> colors. The site
formatting link
was invaluable as I worked on
> this site, thank you Eugene! I am taking a Web Design course at
> college this next semester, so I figured I should at least have SOME
> experience writing the code before I go in there!
> The site is no where close to done, and I hope to have a dedicated
> page for each of my rockets soon! Check back to the site often! Some
> links do not work yet, but will soon!
> Comments? Critique?
> Thanks,
> Jason
Welcome to the web world Jason.
Some nice rockets.
Looks like you've got a pretty good start.
Only one piece of advice... get your personal dates and places of birth off
of there... it doesn't take that much data to hi-jack an identity... and it
is much more trouble than it's worth to try to clear it back up if stolen.
Good Luck!
~ Duane Phillips.
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Duane Phillips
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you smile too much in your pictures :)
nice beginning. see ours in the sig below. soon to be changed to
formatting link
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tater schuld
Looks pretty good so far!
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Looks good. I'm 47 and I wish I could do that much. Keep going with it.
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No link to EMRR? I'm amazed :)
Good start... BTW, that is exactly how EMRR started. I was messing around with HTML and decided, hey, it would be cool to have a central place for reviews.
So, Jason, what will your site grow into?
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Sorry Nick...send me an e-mail containing a small EMRR button, and I will be more than happy to put a link on my site.
Well, right now the plan is for the site to document all my projects and other misc. rockets up to this date, and future rockets. I'll keep posting stuff, and let the forums know when I do update it.
Thanks, Jason
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Jason Toft

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