Polish Meteor-K level 3 flight today

Hello, After a year of construction, I will atempt my level 3 cert flight this afternoon in Manchester MI, at the Michigan Team-1 December launch. The Polish Meteor-2K is an all fiberglass and carbon fiber 91% scale of the original M-2K. Dry weight is 82#, and at the pad it should be about 105# using an AMW M-3000. It has been a tedious and rewarding expeirence, an absolute bonus has been my collaboration with Wiktor Kobylinski from Poland, the aerodynamic engineer with the original Meteor Team . Subsequent flights next spring will employ the fall-away M-1 boosters. I will post reusults after the launch. Construction shots can be viewed at:

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William Koziatek TRA 9412

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Very Cool!

Hope everyhting goes well.


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Good Luck!

~ Duane Phillips.

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Duane Phillips


Outstanding! I hope your flight today was successful.

I notice that Alway says the Meteor 2 program ended with round #10. Yet you modelled round #11. Perhaps Peter will have to revise his text. :-)

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Andy Schecter

And it was such a NICE flight...I recommend the M-3000 highly for heavy wide and scale. I wish I had one for my L3 flight. I would have had more t:w ratio.

VEry Well DONE!!

Curtis Scholl TRA 3976

Your> Hello,

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Curtis S>

That's what I heard. Unfortunatley, due to husband/homeowner duties, I couldn't make the launch.

Congratulations William!

-- Bruce Kirchner TRA L2 #5888 Michigan Team 1 High Power Rocketry Proud Gun Owner!

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Bruce Kirchner

Neato! It'd be cool to see with the strap-ons attached and firing.

Mike Fisher Binder Design

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Darn, I missed another good launch! Congratulations William.

Mark Simps> And it was such a NICE flight...I recommend the M-3000 highly for heavy

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Mark Simpson

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