Successful Level 3 Certification Flight today!!!

Taa Da!!

Flew my 10" Skunkworks Bullpup on an AT M1315 today for a great L3 cert flight!

I've posted the a video and flight data to

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Great flight but I'm glad its over with a good result!

It's Miller Time!

Mike Luna - TRA 09817 / NAR 81664


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Mike Luna
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Very cool flight! Congrats!!!

-- Joe Michel NAR 82797 L1

formatting link

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J.A. Michel

Congrats Mike!!!!!! Have a cold one for me too!

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Dale Martin

Congrats! Did I hear correctly on the video that recovery is not needed for an L3 attempt?


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It was somone just joking around.... :)


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Mike Luna

Way to go Mike -

Sweet flight.



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doug houseman

Nice job. Congrats.

Mark Simps> Taa Da!!

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Mark Simpson

Most excellent!

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Excellent flight! Congratulations. Nice video, too.


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John Stein

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