My Successful Level 3 Flight at Dairy Air.

I would just like to say "Thanks" to everyone at RMR for helping me with advice for my recent (Saturday May 20) successful Level 3 flight at Maddox Farms in Helm, Ca.

The bannana plug setup you guys suggested to send the electric charge to the e-match's worked perfectly, although I lost the cheapy bannana plug (it was torn off in the recovery phase). Placing just a little too much black powder in the plastic sandwich bag corner proved perfect also, since it was a "big" rocket. For the record, I launched a 7 foot tall PoleCat 10 " wide Thumper, on a Pro75mm M1400.The rocket weighed in at 44 Lbs, and reached an altitude of 5367 feet (averaged from GWiz

400 and GWiz 800). The boost was clean and stable, near burnout (waay up there) I could see a slight wobble develop near the end of the boost phase. I'm thinking that this was due to the AP burning down to the end of the motor and changing the CP slightly. The deployment took place at apogee and a very tense (gee I love this hobby !!!) 5 seconds elapsed as a very large Giant Leap Tac9 chute fully unfurled. Landing safely in the soft carrot field patch beyond the tree grove.

I would like to thank my intrepid ground crew Conner of LUNAR and Andy Wohner of Whats Up Hobbies for the close vendor support he offered. And also Tom Rouse for being a member of my TAP team.


Paul Lane, Tripoli #3245

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Congrats, Paul!

I'm th> I would just like to say "Thanks" to everyone at RMR for helping me

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Will Marchant

Congrats Paul on your Level 3. I know exactly the "tense" feeling you had :)

I was presented an additional surprise to add to the stress. I was volunteered/scheduled to be the Level 3 spotlight on the First TV, Rocket Challenge series by TAPS. When the Rocket Rev, one of my TAP's, took them to look at my rocket, they changed their minds. Load off of my mind :) The rocket looked too well done and the processes too well thought out. Failing a Level 3 attempt would be bad enough, but to do it on national TV, sheesh :) It was a little too obvious they were looking for a shred or something for good TV :) They switched to do the spotlight on Gonzo's Jumangi, and happily, Gonzo's third attempt at his Level 3 succeeded. (I'm sure the producer was a little disappointed. No shred, perfect flight)

My TAPS were great to work with, and my flight went off without a hitch. I used a Dynacom Anaconda with an M1315. 52 lbs loaded at lift off. Went just shy of 8300'

You making it to LDRS?


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Way to go Paul!!! Congrats and all.

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Congratulations Paul. It was a great launch.

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Phil Stein

I built my Thumper in the usual BlackRock way, that is to say overbuilt it ! I used West System Epoxy in a 2 to 1 ratio with microballons mixed into it. I also placed Fiberglass tape 2" wide at all internal fin junctures. When I epoxyed the 98mm motor tube mount I left the aft centering ring unglued, then removed it the next day. And I then poured the epoxy/microballon mix into all 16 inner fin junctures. On the outside where typically fin filets are placed I just put fiberglass tape painted with epoxy. Andy from "Whats up " thinks it was overbuilt, but it was a Cert 3 flight, and I wasn't going to take any chances. To compensate for any extra weight screwing up the CP/CG I added the payload section. I also used that weird kevlar tennis ball thingy that prevent zippers. All worked very well. I now have a way to big to use for anything else Giant Leap Tac 9b chute rated for 42 lbs. No wonder I see these large chutes for sale on Rocketry Online auctions from time to time. After Certification the are something of a white elephant.

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