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You can use 2 RRC2's or 2 Gwiz

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Yes you can use 2 that are the same. NAR would want redundancy plus a way to disarm the charges.

When I did mine, I was considering using 2 sets of charges but, found that most people use 2 ignitors from 2 altimiters going into one charge.

Good luck with it.

Phil Ste>I know that TRA requires redundant electronic deployment for all level

Phil Stein

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Phil Stein

Yes you can two of the same altimeters. I used two Altacc2c's in my level 3 flight

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Debra Koloms

I'd rather use 2 totally different altimeters. That way you should be able to utilize most of the features that are incorporated into each unit. For instance I used a ALTS25 & an Olsen unit for my Level 3 the ALTS25 was the primary apogee charge while the Olsen was set for a 1.75 sec. delay past apogee Then for the Main the Olsen blew the main @ 1,400 ft with the ALTS25 deploying around 1,200ft or so.

Everything worked perfectly without any kind of damage.

Jeff Davenport

TRA: 4486 L3 NAR: 63238 L3

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Redundant deployment is not required by TRA. See

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sez, "Electronic recovery is required and must function as designed. Back-up systems are strongly encouraged."


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Mark Clark (James Dean Cory, D.C.) wrote in news:

I think what you're proposing is ok for both NAR and TRA. However, you leave yourself open to some failure modes that would be eliminated by using two different devices. I think the ultimate would be to use an accelerometer/baro altimeter as a primary device, with a timer or MAD as backup for the apogee event, and a baro altimeter as backup for the main alimeter. The drawbacks are extra expense as complexity, so you have to balance all that out with the odds of various failure modes.

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David W.

Debra, what do you think of the AltAcc2c's? I have owned two of the AltAcc2 units and loved them - never had a failure of any kind in many flights.


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tad danley

I like the AltAcc very much and have 3 of them.

In my level 3 project I used single deployment at apogee. Since the rocket only did about 1000 ft. The rocket was a large tetraheadron about 100lbs ( It was an upscale of the quest DC-Y). So in my case I had a seperate ematches connected to each AltAcc for main only at apogee.

Debra Koloms TRA9021 Level 3

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Debra Koloms

I am wondering if this is what HK724 is trying to protect us from? Big dumb rocket to ultra low altitude with moderately high power.


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Jerry Irvine

Jerry - please elaborate. ML

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M Lampert

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