Re: Rustoleum wrinkling on 2nd coat!?

I use rustoleum and you have to be extremely patient with it… you MUST let it dry for at least a day, if not 2 before trying again.


Your coats must be within 15 min of each other…

But if you are sanding, you absolutely have to wait at least 2 days…. I wait a week… then I sand… and reapply the coat

The patience pays off, as the coating is very very glossy.

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Airbrushing might be what's needed...with a "Future" or similar acrylic floor finish top coat.

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Just got off the phone with the Rust oleum tech support. Im trying to paint a motorcycle tank but the paint keeps krinkleing and has to be sanded off eaven after sitting for a week. Was told the " recoat within the hour or after 48 hours " Was under laboratory conditions and I should be recoating no longer than 4 minuits apart or after 14 days with a fan blowing on the tank Would have been nice to know befor I wasted 2 spray cans and sanded down the tank 4 times. Will be avoiding RUST OLEUM in the future and I dont know anybody who paints in a labratory.

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