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> ZONTAR, please be aware that ZORGNAB, Supreme Incinerator of
> the Protein Extractor Fleet, has dibs on the Guth-Subject's meat and
> brain tissue. You are free to consume his skin and other internal organs
> during the upcoming harvest operations, but be reminded that any attempt
> to violate our trade agreement will result in punitive genital mutilation! >
> Sinisterly,
> Assistant Secretariat to ZORGNAB,
> P.E.F. Headquarters
Most honorableiffic trade partner Zorgnab,
As surely you are of course aware, trade agreement you draw reference
to takes no position regarding for acquisition of loathesome protein
products from unattractive galactic backwater that are indigenous
lifeforms calling "Earth."
We at Operation Earthwatch have giving supreme disinterest to your
harvest, and very notion of us superior beings participating in
your vulgar consumption ritual is cause for large risibility.
We wish of course nothing but happy interspecies brotherhood with
our degraded Earth neighbors. If gluttonous urges of your species
requires, necessity to for harvesting some few individuals (particular
focus place if you want on Brad Guth creature, of course) is granted,
providing of course you accompany same with propagandas and/or
effortful neural reprogramming for to assure lack of mental distress
among survivors.
Our unbounded desire for interstellar amity encompassing is of
course your slightly inferior race as well as hideous Earth monsters,
but however should you being aware for consequences of overexuberant
protein acquisition operations, keeping in mind always that
hive complexes of yours are, much as Earthling cities, pitifully
vulnerable to destruction by fire.
Vice Sub-Arch Imperator, 3rd Class
Operation Earthwatch
Moonbase Zeta
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