rocket heights on differant engines question

if a rocket advertises that it goes 1000ft. i assume that it is the max height of the c engines. is it a general assumption of B engine 2/3 that (670) and A engines (about 350), or is this way off. just curious in guessing how high some rockets will go with differant size engines.



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You're probably close in looking at it this way. However, I have noticed that if a rocket will do about 1,000' on a "C" motor, it will be closer to around

500' on an "A." Joe A. South Louisiana Rocketry #8
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The letter A/B/C on the motor refers to an impulse class that doubles with each letter. B is twice A. C is twice B, and therefore 4 times A. D is twice C, or 8 times A, 4 times B.

Given that, a better estimate would be that a B would fly half as high as a C, and an A would fly 1/4 as high.

If you are really curious, you may want to check out RockSim software from Apogee Components. You can download a free demo copy at

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You can build and fly your own designs, or just test how different engines will perform.

Hope that helps.

Curtis Reynolds

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Curtis Reynolds

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