Hope someone can help. Only simple but annoying. I am unable to to set text height to an increment of .5. For example When doing notes on plans I would prefer to have letter size at 2.5 or 3.5 ( paper space) or 250 or 350 in model space (at 1:100). When using either Mtext or single text despite what format I put in whether paper or model space the text size keeps defaulting back to a whole number, either 2 or 3 even after trying to format text height in dimension formatting or text formatting areas. Can someone suggest what I need to do to enable me to dictate what text height I want.

Regards Jim Williams.

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Jim Williams
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Are you sure it's really changing back? Or is it just that when you list it, it reads as an integer? What is your LUPREC value set to? ___

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Paul Turvill

Type at the command prompt:


Check the number of decimal places.



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