Globally changing text heights

I have a drawing with a variety of text heights and styles.
Is there a utility available that can globally change all the text heights
and retain the insertion point by a scale factor.
Thanks in advance
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If you have your bonus tools installed (express tools for 2000 onwards) type cht (change text) which allows you to change anything you want about the text all keeping the same insertion points.
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In addition to Mark's suggestion, you can select all the text, then right-click and select properties. From the properties window, you can globally change the text heights, or anything else. This assumes that you are using AutoCAD 2000+.
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Daniel J. Altamura, R.A.
or, if you can run LISPS, you could try my BSCALE.LSP on my site. (Won't change styles.)
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Michael Bulatovich

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