Spivey's in B'ham

For those of you who from time to time frequent the local hobby shops here
in B'ham, I wanted to let you know about Mr. Spivey (age 75) who owns the
oldest hobby shop in the state, some 45+ years. He recently had some heart
problems and now has a pace maker and stints. His health seems to be slowly
improving after several weeks of hospitalization and he hopes to be back in
the shop soon. He's had several medical problems in the last 5 years. His
wife (age 75) is running it almost single handed and says they will remain
in operation as long as possible and he hopes to return in the next few
Spivey's Hobby is a full service hobby shop. If you are ever in the B'ham
area, it's worth the trip to the West End section of town to visit him and
the shop. Visiting the shop is like stepping back into the late 50's, early
60's. He is one of us and he knows everything there is, or ever was to know,
about any hobby men enjoy. Rockets, trains, remote control everything, you
name it, he's got it or can get it and tell you everything about it. He is
very friendly and running that shop is his life.
If you get to B'ham anytime soon, take the time to visit. You'll be glad you
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Second. I've been buying teacher kits (box of Vikings) from him for for a few years now. Excellent prices, gresat service, and a wonderful person with whom to do business.
BTW, he'll ship to you also, but you kinda haveta rummage thru the kits to find the good stuff. :-)
Here's to a speedy and full (or at least as full as it can be) recovery...
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Chuck Pierce
"Chuck Pierce" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com...
Very true and he has a dozen or more boxes of Vikings in stock right now. He still has several dozen of the old mini engines in diamond packs with the Interceptor on them and at the original prices from the early 70's! The good thing about him is that once he's marked a price, that's what it is until it's gone. He doesn't go back and increase them just because the latest shipment went up.
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I'll be going to Birmingham in the near future, how about an address?
*** James
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James D. Young II
Spivey's Hobby Toys & Gifts (West End) 1303 Tuscaloosa Avenue Birmingham Alabama 35211 Phone # 205-785-9690
The regular store hours are 10:00am - 5:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Normally they are closed on Wednesday but if he can stand up to it, he may be open on Wednesdays too, beginning the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, through Christmas eve.
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