UK Altitude Record Smashed !

Hi, Thought it might be of interest to you all that the UK altitude record was broken today ( 23/04/05 ) in fantastic style by Damian Hall, the rocket was launched from SWARM's launch site in Devon. England. The rocket is a 2 stage vehicle with each stage powered by a PRO54 K660 motor. The altitude reached was 21,260 feet which bettered the previous record by almost 7,000 feet ! Tomorrow ( Sunday ) Gary Meakin is going to try and regain the UK record with his aluminium SPASE rocket which has a single PRO75 'L' motor, this will be launched from the same Devon launchsite weather permitting. SWARM's website can be reached by clicking :---

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I hope to have a lot more information on this flight and Gary's tomorrow night.


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Jim Lennie
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One message says no CE no motor, and another message says motors are exchannging. Which is it?

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Jerry Irvine

-> 2 stage vehicle with each stage powered by a PRO54 K660 motor. The altitude

Wow, Nice flight Damian.

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Damian's achievement is impressive but the UK amateur altitude record remains at 34.579ft. Damian has a new "flown in the UK" record.


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Chris Eilbeck

Did he make off the launch rod? 8-)

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Phil Stein


COOL! Good luck tomorrow!


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Well done to both fliers, Damian's flight was incredible. Unfortunately SPASE had some problems on the way up (after a fantastic liftoff) and had a very early deployment, resulting in a much lower altitude than expected.

Some photos at:

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to follow (and a report) soon!

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Niall Oswald

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