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Can someone please give a prediction of what the weather will be like in Geneseo for LDRS? Especially temperature, humidity and wind. This is a used flying field so I assume there are some on this list with experience with typical conditions.

The reason I ask is because last years LDRS in Kansas was torture. Day after day of 105 deg temps....really made it tough.



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Ferrell Wheeler
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Well, it's a good used flying field. Not many miles on it :-)

Seriously...the last time I was at Geneseo (NARAM a couple years back) there were a couple days of 100+ temperatures, but the local folks assure me that it is highly unusual for that area of NY. High 80's are more 'normal' for what that's worth...


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I was there 2 years ago and it had typical July NY state weather, very hot, in the 90's with high humidity. However, this spring has been quite mild and I am hoping for it to be in the 80's. If you can go to the Farmer's Almanac site where they have long range forecasts you may get some more info.

Joe C.

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Joe C

I've been at that field on 7/4 two different years. I don't rememnber specifics but I can tell you it was not extreme like Florida, Kansas or the desert. If it was, I probably wouldn't go. It was certainly under 100 & I don't remember the humidity being to bad either.

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Phil Stein

I believe the term you want is "pre-owned"...

Just like any other rocket field, what ever weather you expect, it will change to the opposite just before you arrive. I remember Geneseo being unseasonably warm and humid the year we were staying in the unairconditioned dorms at the college.

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Bob Kaplow

Last year 7/4 weekend was low to mid 90s, average midwest style humidity.

I thought it was great weather, and under a pop up, it was quite enjoyable.

Walking to a corn field with corn 8" tall, and walking back, I did work up a sweat however.

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.....or sleep in your van, even on warmer days it can get rather chilly at night......not that I would know anything about that. 8

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Chuck Rudy


Four of the five days of the 2001 NARAM, it was hotter in Geneseo than back home in Texas.

Passing out the event list for the 2002 NARAM at the banquet the end of that week, more than one person opined that they planned to pass on the Texas event as it was "too hot." Go figure...

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James Duffy

All Come on, guys............this is upper NY State in early July! Corn is never more than "Knee high by the 4th of July" and the temperatures can range from the high 60's to the low 90's. It's early August when the corn is 8 feet tall and the temperature MIGHT get around 100.....for a week or two (although we certainly DID roast at that NARAM:-)! This year, the temperature has only been in the 80's for a few days. What the weather will be like in two weeks is still up to the gods, though:-)! The whole reason we chose the 4th of July weekend for our big launches, in the first place, was because of low crops and cool temperatures. I've been to Kansas AND Orangeburg (twice!:-) and nearly died all three times, from the heat or humidity:-)! Here, it SHOULD be much cooler. I'd at least bring a jacket:-)!

Lloyd Wood BRS President/Prefect LDRS 23 LD/RSO

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Here, it SHOULD be much cooler. I'd at least bring a

I would second the jacket idea, if it's 90s no biggie, but 60s are cool, nice and cool.

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Chuck Rudy

I posted 8 inches tall , not 8 feet, he he ... " inches ?

I also worked up a sweat walking in a potato patch to get my rockets in

72-75 weather today.
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