"Wings In Orbit" Book and Bonus Commemorative DVD Set Pre-order Sale

"Wings In Orbit", is set for release in March. We will have a limited
supply of this fantastic book plus a bonus commemorative DVD set, so
reserve your copy today!
For more information or to reserve your copy, go to
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As NASA's space shuttle fleet nears retirement, the agency is
preparing to release a comprehensive account of the program that
managed the spacecraft and the dedicated people who made its
accomplishments possible.
The 500-plus-page book, "Wings in Orbit" is available for pre-
publication sale. The book describes the scientific, engineering and
cultural contributions of the space shuttle through text, photographs
and graphics, written or selected by those who worked in the shuttle
Along with the book, we are pleased to offer exclusive DVD bonus
material. If you order Wings In Orbit, you will receive, at no extra
cost, a special 3-DVD set commemorating the final mission of NASA's
space shuttle Discovery (a $30 value). The DVD's, which will be
available following the STS-133 mission, will contain hours of video,
most of it in high-definition, documenting Discovery's mission. A
third DVD will have a photo gallery with hundreds of photographs from
the mission as well as extensive mission documentation including the
press kit, flight plans, execute packages and special material.
"Not only is this book informative and beautifully done, it captures
the passion of those who devoted their energies to the more than three
decades of the shuttle program," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA
associate administrator for Space Operations. "It recognizes and
celebrates what NASA has accomplished using the shuttle system."
Former shuttle program manager Wayne Hale was the book's executive
editor. The book features a wide range of contributors, including the
first space shuttle crew and many former flight directors, engineers
and program managers.
The book is slated for release in March. Order now to reserve your
copy of "Wings In Orbit" plus special DVD bonus material at
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Proceeds from the sale of "Wings In Orbit" will go to support the
educational outreach activities of ARES Institute, Inc. ARES Institute
is engaged in innovative programs to stimulate interest in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education among secondary and
college-level students. The organization's mission also includes
public outreach activities to raise public awareness and support of
space exploration.
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