1/24 Luft figures

William, You are in luck. I have just found out that Legend Productions produce three 1/24 Luftwaffe sets,

1/24 Scale Figures:-

LF2401 WW 2 Luftwaffe BF-109 Pilot # 1 $25.95 see picture at

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LF2402 WW 2 Luftwaffe BF-109 pilot # 2 $25.95 see pic at
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LF2403 WW 2 Luftwaffe BF-109 Pilot & Mechanic set $35.95 see pic at
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Latter good as foranother £4 you get the Luft groundcrewman standing on wing holding onto cockpit sill, easily modded into standing on ground I reckon, but a nice pose anyway on wing.

In fact legend need commending on doing 1/24, apparently triggered by the Trumpeter Me109, also suitable for Airfix Fw190, me109E, Stuka. Hope they also do RAF.

for 1/48 by legend, see pics at

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Legend Production figures can be purchased from Moredun Models in the United Kingdom, tel 0131 653 2001 or email snipped-for-privacy@btconnect.com, acording to their small ad with page
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They have the 1/24 figures and the 1/48

I fact Legend range looks VERY GOOD INDEED, needs marketing better.

see their range at

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and turn the volume up also ! also shows distributors.

Certainly the phone number is Moredun as I just tried it ! Their website is currently down and a new one in the making allegedly.

Steve (again)

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