1/350 tamiya missouri - best photoetch?

Hi all,
Just picked up a 1/350 tam missouri - anybody have any recommendations on
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Can't go wrong with GMM and also check WEM (they might do a set).
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Gold Medal Model's highly popular 1/350 scale WW2 Missouri detail set (GMM No. 350-4) is about to be replaced with an improved version later this year. The design is finished and test pieces have been successfully run. The instruction sheet artwork has also been completed and will be sent to the printers Tuesday, Nov. 11. Full production is ready except for one thing - the planned simultaneous release of an all-new Gold Plus Extra Details set (No. 350-4A) for the same kit. The design for this new set is now complete and second generation test pieces are being prepared now. Once this set has passed the final testing stage and is ready, both will be placed into production at the same time.
Improvements on the 350-4 set include highly detailed and more accurate main deck railing sections with pre-sized cutouts for all chocks and properly spaced stanchions over the ship's entire length; improved and more accurate SK, SK-2, Mk. 12, and Mk. 22 radars; improved rigging attachments on both yardarms, improved stern crane, improved inclined and vertical ladders, additional watertight doors, the addition of sixty (60) complete sets of 20mm Oerlikon details including armor shields, handwheels, shoulder rests, and gunsights; and the inclusion of a scale figure of Admiral William F. Halsey. The new set's price will be $40.00 plus postage. The older set will still be available for the old price ($36.00 plus postage) for a limited time. WARNING! Anyone ordering the new set but sending payment for the older set will receive the older set. No exchanges will be allowed at any time. WE ARE NOT TAKING ADVANCE ORDERS, SO DO NOT ORDER YET! PLEASE WAIT UNTIL OFFICIALLY RELEASED! This will be announced at the top of this column in the near future.
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Andrew DeBoer
: : Just picked up a 1/350 tam missouri - anybody have any recommendations on : photoetch? : You need to get the US Navy watertight door set and the ladder set (to replace the "Aztec temples") from GMM.
These sets are approximately $6.00 each. After that, I suggest you try to view each set before making the decision. Everybody (Tom's, GMM, WEM, Flagship, CW, BWN, etc.) is slightly different in their layout, line weight, etc., so it is hard to say "this one is the best".
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Bruce Burden

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