54mm WWII Afrika Korps 1st Sergent (Hauptfeldwebel) [Ebay]

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54mm WWII Afrika Korps 1st Sergent (Hauptfeldwebel)

In original unopened package. Cavalier Miniatures Ltd.

Includes painting instructions and metal base

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Bruce Duty
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I've had enough of this s#*t. For Heavens sake, there are thousands of models and figures on E-Bay. If everyone abused this Newsgroup posting for every little crap they had to sell there would be hundreds of new posts every day, and the group would die. You are selfish in thinking you and you alone should post sales here day after day. Often more than once a day. These groups aren't here as ad space. Get a pair, pony up, and go buy advertising someplace!!!!!!!!!! And don't give me any crap about this not being a moderated group. That's no excuse for discourtesy. TOTS. Gerry

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gerry gardiner

I killfile every thread with eBay mention when I come across it. I highly recommend use of killfiles/ignore files. This group is still relatively sane, so I only get maybe 1 or 2 ignored threads popping up in my viewer every other day. Whereas something like the aviation or naval military groups more than three quarters of all posts qualify for my killfile. There, eBay mention would be on-topic compared to the political crap! :-)

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Gernot Hassenpflug

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