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Is the Testors Afrika Mustard supposed to be the equivalent of Tamiya's Dark Yellow? I'm looking at the two and it seems that the Testors product has a more orange tint.

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No idea what Testors had in mind. There were four camouflage colors authorized for German equipment in North Africa, superceded at the very end by Dark Yellow. For color matches to hobby paints and historical context, go to:

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If you just want to know if you can use the paint you have, of course you can. Just add a drop of blue to take down the orange a bit. Bear in mind that many batches of Dark Yellow (Dunkelgelb) from hobby paint companies, including Tamiya's, come out a bit too green. It should be a tan color, so there you'd add a bit of red to take down the green. Of course, German paint companies might have had the same problem, so perhaps some German tanks were greenish. Once the model is properly weathered, the point is probably moot. Gerald Owens

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Gerald Owens

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