a scale model funny

I was browsing Acu+Stion's web page, which is a company from Japan
that makes really nice photo-etch for 1/48 scale Tamiya military
vehicles; also stuff for model cars... anyway I came across the
following description of a photo-etch set for a tank:
"Please reproduce a German tank by power's there and using the coating
shield if it finishes it up. Please dish up a patty on the market to
the body, and do Kegaki with the coating shield tool in the above
figure. Four putters in total are collected with the width smallness,
the pitch size, and the pitch smallness tool wide according to each
=81=9AWidth small and each pitch size width
=81=9AWidth small and each pitch width"
Wow if you can figure out that one, you deserve a doctorate in
linguistics or something!
Check it out yourself for a few laughs and some nice photo-etched
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Yep a nice translation.
I guess they are describing tools for applying zimmerit but it could be something completely different.
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Nigel Heather
I though the Japanese were finally catching on and we'd seen the end of "make upon the face a face color"
The Chinese also have some gems - like on the box cover Mr. Adolf Gallant's Messerschmidt - so let's put old Mr. Adolf in a three piece business suit with a dress for success neck tie. and the USS Francisco CA-38.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
mmm..... dish up a patty..... yum.
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z said the following on 15/10/2008 18:58:
I think they used this handy little language conversion tool, normally used for newsgroup flooding.
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Richard Brooks

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