Academy kit decal question

Can someone give me some tips on making Academy decals work? I can't get them
to settle into the engraved panel lines or adhere at all.
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I haven't worked with Academy yet but here's how it's supposed to work:
Brush on decal SET, position your decal. Surface needs to be horizontal.
About an hour later, drop on decal SOL till the decal is covered taking care not to move it. Leave it alone, an hour or two later the decal should have conformed to the details. If it hasn't the decal isn't suitable for this system and needs to be pressed into the details with a warm damp compress. hth
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If decals setting solutions and solvents don't work try pressing them down with a damp hot rag or applying them over a puddle of Future acrylic floor finish.
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Al Superczynski
I haven't found Academy decals to be much of a problem, though I don't know if quality is uniform from kit to kit. MicroSol seemed to be just fine for mere engraved lines. OTOH, if you're talking about control-surface joints, I've often found it necessary to slit the decal along the joint with an X-Acto, especially because there really is spearation onthe real thing, and it's hard to get that look simply with decal solvent.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert

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