AIR:Mid WWII US Markings

Quick question: Would a US aircraft marked with the star, no bar, and no red
dot always have them positioned on the upper and lower surfaces of both wings,
or just upper left and lower right? Specifically, desert war late 1942.
Jack "the 109 nut"
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Jack, this site may help you. It has the history of US aircraft insignia. There is a paragraph dealing with Operation Torch insignia. According to the site, the insignia was added again to both upper and lower wing surfaces at this time.
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Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at
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Rob Gronovius
Warning - Army Air Force and U.S. Navy regs regarding national insignia did not always correspond, especially duriiing the 1942-3 period. For USAAF, it's usually upper port, lower starboard, but I've seen some B-25's in North Africa that had wing insignia in four positions.
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