Airfix 1/600 HMS Iron Duke

Who's got experience with this one? It looks like the only choice for building an HMS Iron Duke in small (or any other) scale. Unfortunately it's harder to find reviews of kits that have been out for a long time, as it's assumed everyone knows about them already.


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Try the Ship kit review page :

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Happy modelling Ant "Standing on the shoulders of giants"

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Ant Phillips

I just finished it a while ago. I'm no great builder so mine doesn't compare well to those in the battleship galleries on the ship model web sites-look at either Steelnavy or to see some nice build-ups. That said, I found the casemate guns poor and would replace them next time around. The ship's boats need some work (which I was too lazy to do) and I thought the foremast assemby a little wobbly.

I'd love to find another cheap copy of this kit to see if I could do it better. It took me a while to find one on ebay-paid $20 including postage. It's the only inexpensive WWI battleship I know of...I've always wondered why Airfix didn't do a few companion kits. I've wondered how tough it would be to back-date the Warspite. Last note on my experience-I didn't use PE on the kit as I stink at that. Maybe I would do better in 1/350 scale.

Bob Fuhrman

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bob fuhrman

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