1/35 cockpits?

Hello to all. First, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Now my problem.... I recently purchased a robot-type model that is 1/35 scale. It is supposed to be operated by a human, and the driver sits inside, much like the innards of a tank. Access is apparently meant to be from the top, since the bubble canopy tilts open from the rear, revealing the driver sitting inside. For the sake of simplicity (I assume) the lower torso of a driver was molded into a piece inside, eliminating much possible detail. My plans are to build this as standing idle, without a driver, so basically the entire inner area will have to be scratchbuilt. I don't mind this...in fact I consider it a fun challenge...but I was hoping to use parts meant for an airplane cockpit or maybe a tank. It needs to have lots of gauges and stuff to look real, but it occurred to me today... I've never seen any airplane detail stuff in 1/35. Maybe

1/32 would do if some exists. Can any of you recommend a good (hopefully not too expensive) detail set for some kind of 1/32 plane? It would seem that since my model is a futuristic robot a jet cockpit would be the best choice. I'll need to scavenge such items as a seat, boxes or anything with dials, switches, ect on them, and handles and pedals.

Sorry this is so long, but I've already begun the project, and need to find a solution soon. Any advice on items would be appreciated. Thanks, and best wishes.

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Academy, Dragon, Revell, and I think Italeri "do" some 1/35th scale helicopter models. I know for certain Academy made an AH-1W Super Cobra, for about $30 U.S., and Dragon/DML made an AH-6J Little Bird, unknown price, in 1/35th. While not a "jet" cockpit, those should have some details that would prove useful. If the kits themselves are too expensive, then maybe there are some cockpit detail sets for same kits.

I personally wouldn't go 1/32 because fit might become an issue and you may end up hacking away at parts to get them in there because of scale differences. May have to do that anyway, but with luck maybe not so much with "same" scale parts.


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