ALL: Easy Model Battery Powered Rotating Turntables

Product Review: Easy Model (Trumpeter) Item No. 09835; 7" Display
Turntable; distributed by MRC; retail price US $19.98
Advantages: great way to display a model, especially with a completely
detailed underside or interior compartment
Disadvantages: motor may be somewhat noisy
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for all figure, aircraft, or armor builders needing to
show off their handiwork where it normally would not be seen
Many of us - armor, car and aircraft modelers - have all hit the
same snag in our modeling lives: you knock yourself out putting detail
on the bottom of a model, and then are stuk with what to do to display
it. If you mount it on a scenic base, the underside can no longer be
seen, and all that work went for naught. But if you did not, then you
run the risk of some ham-handed judge picking it and damaging it or
worse, dropping it. What to do?
The solution is to get a mirrored base that rotates, and this neat new
offering from Easy Model fills the bill. It consists of a low black
turntable with a mirrored base that comes in a plastic bag inside its
box and also has a scratch-resistant layer placed over the mirror. The
mirror is real glass, so I am not sure why they did that as it is
relatively resistant to scratches.
The turntable is powered by two C cells, and the box top claims it
will operate for up to one month of continuous operation on those two
batteries. I haven't had it long enough to check, but it should be
enough to get you through a two or three day show without having to
worry if you turned it off.
I tested it for several minutes and found that it requires a delicate
touch to work at its best. The speed is set by a knob above the on/off
switch, and if turned all the way to the right counterclockwise the
turntable engages slow speed; all the way to the left clockwise is
high. Low speed is quite noisy on this unit, but high is not too bad.
The box states that low speed is 3.5 rpm and high is 7; testing showed
that low is more like 4.5 rpm and high is 8.5. Note that high speed
rotates clockwise and low speed counterclockwise, something to do with
the gearing arrangement.
The box states that the turntable will hold up to 2 kilograms (4.4
pounds) or one real "cheeseblock" resin model. I tested it with
odds and ends and it does appear to do as advertised.
Overall, other than being a bit noisy it works well. Note that MRC
offers a total of six different turntables, either the 7" one tested or
five smaller 3.3" ones with or without covers (flat topped or domed,
ideally for figures.
Thanks to Bob Lewen for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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