alps printer for decals

Anyone got a alps printer for sale to make decals

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Check out EBAY. They sometimes appear there.


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Milton Bell

There are always at least half a dozen of them for sale on eBay at any given moment. Ink cartiridges too.

If you interested, join the "Alps" and "alpsdecal" yahoo groups (exact spelling).

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some info (they are all out of production).


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Peter W.

They're still available here in the Netherlands from Oki. Maybe Oki sells them elsewhere as well, or you could get one from over here. (I'd hate to have to pay shipping on it though..)


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Rob van Riel

A bit of information. If you find an Alps on Ebay that you want to bid on. Make sure to confirm with the seller that there is no "print banding" problem. I have one, an MD2010. And a member of my IPMS chapter has a 5000 with the same problem. After a couple of years use the paper feed would not advance or retract correctly. This would leave fine unprinted bands across the paper. I haven't kept up with the various discussion groups on the Alps. Perhaps there is someone uot ther with more information on this problem. Good luck.

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Ron Craig

Ron, your friend owner of an MD5000 will be happy to know that on the "Alps" Yahoo Group's file download area there is the software utility that should adjust the banding problem. HTH

-- Luca Beato -

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Luca Beato

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