White Letter Decal Kit (was: Printers with white ink for decals?)

>> Besides the old ALPS printers, does anyone know of printers
>>> that have/support white ink, suitable for making white decals? >>
>> Has anyone ever tried replacing the black ink in an inkjet
>> cartridge printer, like an HP, with white ink, to see if it
>> will print white when the original color is called for? Does
>> anyone know what kind of ink would work in an inkjet printer
>> without damaging the printer? It should be possible to clean
>> out a used HP cartidge and refill it with white ink, if an
>> appropriate white ink can be had.
> Folks have tried this years ago - without much success. If you
> have something new, we would love to hear about it!
Has anyone tried the SuperCal White Letter Decal Kit? I didn't know that
they offered such a product.
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Mark Mathu
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I read the information on the web site, but what keeps the powder in place? Once you hit it with a heat gun, I can see powder flyng everywhere. Did I miss something?
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Dan Merkel
The instructions on the image of the bottle says that the ink must still be wet from the inkjet, so the moisture may make it sticky and hold it somewhat, especially if the heat is applied to the bottom of the decal.
I'm wondering how much the inkjet dyes discolor the white over time, as the stuff ages.
Next question - When will someone invent a white laser toner?
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Jerry Chase
Why not just go to eBay and buy an Alps printer. They are relatively cheap, tapes are available, and then you can make all the decals you need.
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Absolutely! I haven an MD-1000, and love the ability to print white, in addition to metallic silver and metallic gold (not to mention other colors).
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Brian Paul Ehni

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