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I've had a chance to "play" with the Trainz railroad simulator game. I find the 3D amazing. I played a little with the terrain maker where you create your own world from scratch. I noticed you can choose the scale you want to model in. But the track (at least on the demo), is a point/drag/click type operation. It's not like you lay a piece, and then another piece, etc

My question is this...are there any 3rd party products/tools that allow you to import track such as Kato unitrack or other brands so that one can actually lay "virtual track" which can later be actually laid on a home layout.


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I'd suggest posting the question in the Trainz forum - you'll get a quick response form the folks there. It's a very active, very friendly forum.

I haven't played with it much for awhile, so I don't know the latest

3rd party (free) add-ons available in track.

Mike Tennent "IronPenguin"

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Mike Tennent


Try "RR - Track It uses files of actual track pieces. Sounds like what your looking for. Our club uses it for LGB track to design our show layouts. It has just about any brand & scale of track.

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--- Bill Halupka ( LGB Model Railroad Club of Chicago

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