Any 1/35 scale British #18 & #22 Radios in *STYRENE*?

Hi there. Tamiya includes a styrene #11 radio face in their LRDG Chevy kit a and they include a #19 radio in their Universal carrier kit. I'd like to get a *STYRENE* #18 radio and #22 radio to use in my Arnhem dioramas. Does anyone make these radios in styrene? Also, what number of radio did the British and/or Canadians use as a backpack radio during WW2? I'm interested in both infantry and British Airborne for these.

Thanks and cheers from Peter

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Master Gunner
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The only styrene British radios I'm aware of are those sold by Bronco (originally tooled for their Humber Scout Car kit). Offhand, I don't recall which types are included. Gerald Owens

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Gerald Owens

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