Anyone Still Make a Wellington without a zillion parts ?

just read the description of the Trumpeter Wellington. It has around

500 more parts than I want to deal with.

Is this plane available from anyone else?


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You should be able to pick up an Airfix version over on ePay... There are thre right now, ranging from $10.00 (auction) to $17.65 (Buy it Now)

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The Old Man

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Matchnox also made one reboxed by Revell. Don't know how accurate it is but I have mine in next couple to start pile.


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Gray Ghost


I saw the Revel kit at but it appears to be discontinued. I'll keep looking. Thx all .

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I enjoyed building the Trumpeter Wellington III. It was the first British bomber I ever heard of, having read about it in Neville Shute's "Pastoral" when I was 10 years old.

As to the number of parts in the Trumpeter kit, this is in large part to the fact that each bomb has at least five parts and the kit has enough 250-lb, 500-lb, 1,000-lb and 2,000-lb HE and incendiary bombs to enable the builder to create a model with every possible ordnance load a Bomber Command Wellington would have carried.

I like kits with extra/optional parts. Whatever I don't use goes to the parts box for a future project.

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