Apologies to all RMS

I would like to apologies to all those who posted to my post about getting
out of modeling and getting rid of my models I had just gotten married 3 wks
before and I guess the strain of mounting bills and all of the moving of
stuff around tring to make room for all the wifes things kinda made me snap
but we talked it all out (lol she was mad at me for making the post to) and
we found a way to move things around so again my most sincerest apology to
all who posted or e-mailed me
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Whew! Daryl, that's one heck of a run-on sentence but it seems to reflect your exasperation. Take a deep breath, remeber why you got married in the first place and always remember - it's a hobby. All should fall into place from there.
Frank (husband and father of four, a dog, a healthy mortgage, etc... And precious little modeling time but full of great reasons to keep buying stuff!)
Daryl wrote:
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The Kranicks
"Daryl" wrote in news:0TmCd.23872$L7.22159@trnddc05:
Dude, you are on the toughest and most rewarding journey you'll be on. We married in June 2002. I got her son, she got my 5 cats. We had two townhouses full of stuff to combine and triage. We were in a rental house. It flooded 4 times. First time 2 days after my wife's car got totaled by a doofus who turned in front of her. Broke a bone in her foot, couldn't go up and down the stairs herself. Oh yeah the day after her accident I rear ended a guy (fairly gently) in heavy traffic because I was more worried about getting home to her and not paying enough attention. In our brand new, very expensive SUV. Than it got interesting. She got pregnant. Believe me we've had more bad luck together than we ever had separately. On the other hand we have a nice house with a big yard, a be-yootiful 17 month old daughter, a dog, only 4 cats now, 2 goldfish and a betta. I'm working on getting my shop cleaned up, I also got to acquire a number of woodworking tools and have been a number of projects around the house that I find very satisfying.
It never really gets easy. You just have someone to share it with and laugh about it together.
I was a bachelor for a very long time. It was a big change living with and accomodating other people in my home. But you get used to it. As far as modeling, you have got to plan a bit to give your self time for modeling, just like anything else. Fortunately my wife turns in early, after the baby is asleep and the boy. So everythning after 10 or so is mine. Just got to use the time wisely.
And don't be to hesitant to apologize. You're an asshole, I'm an asshole. We do stupid and/or inconsiderate things. So does she sometimes. Women are wired differently, get used to it. But we also know that mostly it's because we're tired. So we try to build up good time credits by doing the positive things for each other so when we do the dopey things we have that in the bank. For me I take my daughter as much as possible, I carry her, change her, I put her to sleep sometimes (nap or nite), I go in in the morning if she wakes up and wife is still getting ready, I watch her so my wife can do the things she needs. Now the way it works is she thinks I'm the greatest, her exhusband couldn't even hold the boy as an infant, and her brothers aren't exactly the cuddly types. I make big time points with her and her Mom, and I pretty much get to do what I want within the confines of finances and time. Of course between you and me I love my daughter like you wouldn't believe and I love every moment wiith her. Plus she seems to like airplanes. I wonder if I have a budding modekel.
It just takes getting used to.
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Gray Ghost
That's OK Daryl. I don't think you did anything that has to be apologised for. Congratulations on your wedding!
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Congrats on getting married, best of luck to ya ;-) Hopefully you will settle into it, and love it.
Better for ya to get stressed out here, than with your wife !!!
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