ARM: Review - 1/35 scale Brummbaer and Grenadiers

Kit Review: 1/35 scale Orange Box Kit No. 17 (Dragon
Models Limited 1/35 scale =9139-=9145 Kit No. 9117); Sd.Kfz. 166 Brummbaer
Late Production with Bonus German Grenadiers (East Prussia 1945); 762
parts (546 in grey styrene, 216 =93Magic Track=94 links); retail price US
Advantages: inexpensive kit with good set of figures not a bad deal
Disadvantages: no zimmerit; some fit problems noted with this kit;
=93Magic Tracks=94 tedious to assemble
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for diorama builders and anyone wanting a =93quick
build=94 with no brass
DML=92s affiliate is continuing to release older kits
as combos at a much reduced price over new issue items. Most of these
kits consist of molds which were cut 15 or more years ago and are
being upgraded with a few modern parts or subsequent parts and
combined with a still useful set of figures. This kit combines DML Kit
No. 6026 with Figure Set No. 6057 and a new set of =93Magic Track=94
single link tracks.
This kit had its origins in the DML takeover of Gunze Sangyo
multimedia kits and their subsequent conversion to all styrene models.
It uses the modified Gunze hull and details with new sprues from the
DML Jagdpanzer IV/70 kit of the same vintage and new sprues cut for
the first issue of the Sturmpanzer IV.
Assembly is simple - one of the great advantages of older kits - but
my notes from 15 years ago indicate this one had some fit problems
(alas, I forgot to say what they were back then) which usually denoted
close fits with the tracks and fenders. The Gunze hull was set up for
either standard (four return roller) or late (three return roller)
hulls and has engraved lines where the mounts are supposed to go, and
these do seem a bit high so that may have been the problem.
The kit does provide the basic bits for a Sturmpanzer but there is no
zimmerit on any of the parts. It does come with the outside wheels for
the heavy solid steel road wheels but no inners. The sprues are gated
for the wheels so there are four main sprues with only three and two
sets of optional gates open on each one.
There is no interior and the engine deck hatches are fixed. A new
cupola from the DML heavy railway armored car is included with a
separate hatch flap.
The kit now includes =93Magic Track=94 individual links which are handed
(left side of the card - left track, right side - right track or dark
grey - left, light gray - right). While very nice they are tedious to
The schurzen are all styrene and come in one piece, so you will have
to cut them yourself if you want to represent a damaged or service
vehicle. All brackets are styrene as well. As a point of fact, there
is no clear styrene and no etched brass, so this is a pretty easy and
fast build. If you want a fun kit to assemble, this is more likely to
be a good selling point!
The figures are one of the Ron Volstad sets and well animated, and
the original painting directions are provided in color on the back of
the directions. The figures are much simpler than some but as they
were one of the first sets with smocks/ponchos they have extra tails
and covers and arms are molded into some of the upper sections.
Weapons are provided for late war figures.
One set of painting directions is included for a Sturmpanzer IV
during the Battle of the Bulge with tricolor camouflage and also black
crosses from a small Cartograf sheet. The model is shown with and
without the schurzen shields in place to assist the modeler.
Overall this is a simple if older kit, and with the figures a pretty
good deal for beginning modelers or intermediate level ones who want
to practice their detailing skills.
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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hich are handed
The absence of the Zimmerit coating is not necessarily a problem, as production of this variant continued after Zimmerit was discontinued in September, 1944. Shape of the driver's hood seems a little off, but the kit is basically sound. Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens

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