Been awake for 39 hours

Sitting here, wondering how that fly buzziing around is able to steer
itself. Going through life eating shit. Amazing.
Its dark outside, I was outside for a while and while out there I snifffed
several tubes of glue and got magical powers that allowed me to float in the
air. I floated down the road about 20 feet in the air--near a tree I saw
some lady sitting, waiting for the bus. I hovered there above the bitch and
jerked off. It was cool.
Now, I am sniffing even more glue and slowly sliding the 1/144th scale
boeing 767 fusalage up inside my ass, of course I was sure to use some
Kramph easy lube first.
I wonder if after I paint it, the shit stains will come thru?
My magic mormon underwear is soild, and I am beginning to drink booze.
I see the monkeys, they are hidng, but I can see them in the darkness with
my xray vision. I want to make the eat alka seltzer and see if they explode
like pigions do.
Fuck, my Cock is at least 2 foot long now!!!!!!!!
I stuck a paintbrushn the end of it and am painting!
Wow--the colors, the colors, THE COLORS
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