decals for USAF 9/11 responders?

While I have a copy of Two Bob's Mass ANG F-15 WTC scrambler decals in

1/72, I was wondering if any company has released 1/72 decals for the F-16s that scrambled out of Langley and flew CAP over Washington?

Thank you.

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Can't imagine what a JSTARS display of the DC traffic must have looked like! Allen

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Allen Epps

FWIW With everything ordered to get it's ass on the ground to clear the air, I imagine it was eerily quiet on the radar screens. I was working at Ft. Meade at the time and usually when I leave work at 4:30 there are planes around, as we are in the flight pattern of BWI. On 9/11, as I crossed the parking lot one of the security guards was standing outside his Kiosk looking at the sky. Nothing, dead silence, "Man", he said, "This is weird". He was right, it was really spooky not hearing anything. Very high in the sky, a pair of contrails were crossing above, probably a pair of those F-15s he mentioned.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

I have two terrific avation art prints that depict these events. One shows the Mass ANG F-15sover the WTC, the otrher shows the F-16s over the Pentagon. Both are countersigned by the artist and both flight leads and wingmen.....all in all, a great memorial.

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I bet a lot of people have similar stories: I live in a town east of Fresno, CA and we're in the traffic pattern for Fresno-Yosemite IAP. You can hear and see planes going in and out of Fresno and we also get traffic from SoCal to Reno and vice-versa. That night I went outside and normally air trafic is noticable. That night was very werid-nothing. No jet sounds, no planes in the night sky, nothing. I was out for over an hour, and nothing but two low level aircraft that were fighters on a scramble from the 144th FW at Fresno. What they went after, I don't know, and friends I have in the 144th, when I asked what the guys in the F-16s were chasing, said "Don't ask."

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