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Hi, I am looking to model a Hawker Tempest of Sqaudron Leader Joseph Berry, who was an unsung hero in that he shot down over 60 V-1 flying bombs. I know Joe was flying Tempest coded SD-F (EJ600) when he was killed in action 1 Oct 1944. He also flew SD-L (EJ590), SD-M (EJ603), SD-Q (EJ584), SD-P (EJ 608), SD-C (EJ596) and ZQ-Y while flying with 501 Squadron. Can anyone advise a decent 1/72 or 1/48 scale model and decals?

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The Eduard 1/48 Tempest Profipack I have looks like the business in the box. Give me a few weeks to finish the Shuttle I have under way, and I'll tell you how it goes together ;-)

As to the decals, SD*Y (EJ555) is on Aeromaster 48-328 (Storms in the Sky

5), and you could probably get the F out of the same-style E and T that are on the sheet. The 600 will need some work, or some generic serials...

Bestest, M.

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Matt Bacon

It seems to me that in 1/72 the old Revell kit came with SD* decals but I couldn't recommend the kit. There are far too many rivets that give the model that 'goose-bumped' appearance.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Bill Banaszak

Decal wise, I can't help, but the best Tempest in 1/72 scale is the Academy kit. The Heller kit is a close second only because it has raised panel lines.


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