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Hi, Does anyone have a Colonial Viper kit for sale? Please Email. Thanks Daveout...

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Dave Pepper
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Usually bunches over at eBay, and not just the Revell-o-gram version either. Reminds me. I saw a set of toys (I know, I know) from BG a few years back at a resale shop. They had a "Viper", about 1:48 scale with horizontal wings, instead of the proper anhedral. Because they wanted $28.00 for this toy, I passed it up. Only later did I find that it was a pretty good match for the "old fashioned" Viper that the prison guards had in one of the episodes. Since then, you guessed it, NADA. Has anyone run across this set of toys? All I remember is that they seemed to be a series of vehicles based on the Viper design, including a couple of crawlers and what looked like a wrecker. Thanks,

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The Old Timer

I remember them from when I was a kid. They had the Scarb and other "Egyptian-type" names. I believe they were made by Mattel and did not last very long. Apparently they fired a missile from the nose that was a chocking hazard. These were recalled and eventually reissude with a missile that just popped out a bit.

I think the magazine Toy Fare (Fair?) that caters to the action figure crowd once covered these toys.

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Rob Gronovius

Mattel hed the original series license back in the late seventies. They had to recall and redesign the viper after some kid fired the missile down his throat and died. Early to mid nineties BG comics were merchandised by Trendmasters. I bought my kid the whole set of vehicles and figures. Unfortunately being around 5 means I cannot find the complete toy in the basement. I bought (for myself) the Cylon action figure that talked.

Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

OOOOh OOOh OOOh OOOh! ME Mistah Kotah! Me!

Yeah, I remember those damned things! TOO WELL! I owned a bunch of 'em. Had two of the vipers, and two scarabs. At the time I thought the others were dorky. Shows what I know. Anyway, YES! There was a version that flung out a 'dart' from the nose of the viper and two from the wings of the scarab. I had one of the originals of each before (and a pre- vious poster was right) the kid shot one down his damned ignorant assed throat and made life hell for the rest of us. I bought a scarab and viper with _SAFER_ missiles as well, and subsequently used 13 year old in- tellect to pop the darts out and shave off the restraining tabs with my x-acto knife! Now they _ALL_ fired darts.

Curiously enough, and I don't know if anyone else can confirm this, the scarabs never came with figures. At least mine didn't. I had TWO 1/48 scale Colonial pilots, and two scarabs that had a SINGLE seat and no pilots. I never have figured that one out.

The pilot figure had 'movable' arms and legs, kinda like a Star Wars fig- ure though; the legs and arms couldn't bend excepting at the hip/shoulder joints.

I wonder what the hell I did with those...

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Drew Hill

Thanks for the tip! Can't let the Grups spoil our fun! Cheers,

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