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I feel your pain.....Now that Moebius has taken over where Polar Lights left off I have preordered the 39" Seaview and the 1/24 Lost in Space Pod and Chariot, and the Voyager, Conan and Invisible Man.
The kids are gonna find a s***load of stuff in the attic to deal with when I go to the big hobby store in the sky.
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Long time back, ACE did a 1/32 scale model kit of the F-16XL.
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it was apparently very inaccurate. They really should have built that as a production aircraft. It could either carry double the bomb load of the F-16 to the same distance, or the same bomb load to double the distance. But it was seen as competing with the F-22/23 program, in much the way the advanced F-111H was seen competing with the B-1B.
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