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Hi all,
It seems to be quite difficult to find dimensions specifications for various vehicles, buildings which are useful for accurate modeling
Is there some sites listing usefuls links to or contents of those specifications Ex. helicopter dimenstions, ships, trains etc.. ?
I've listed some I found useful on my blog :
formatting link
if anyone is interested.
Didier Joomun
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If you're interested in scaled drawings, Google "William Wylam Drawings" and you'll link onto a bunch of them. I have many in my collection, and an always on the lookout for more; this has been a good source for them.
Regards, John Braungart
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The Old Man
Hi John,
Thank you very much for replying, just did a quick search on google and found lots of airplanes plans by Willam Wylam with some pdf available. Didn't find ebook versions though.
I was searching for real specs rather drawings but those plans seems to be the only available. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.
Regards, Didier Joomun
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snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@googlegroups.com:
I have to reply, Seriously? I'm a piker compared to folks on this forum and I have oodles of books with tech specs including dimensions of many aircraft/ships/ground vehicles.
Could you be more specific perhaps as to which aircraft/ships/ground vehicles you are interested in?
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