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I've been "over" watching the 1940 film Dive Bomber. It is a 45 min guy film after I skip past the 1940 mushy stuff.

Is there any hope for a good model of the Vought Vindicator. Outdated at the start of the war, it is still the quintessential dive bomber to me and the last 1/48 scale kit and the vacuformed kit never did it honor.

Jim Klein

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6/18/04 12:19 PM:

Let's hope that Accurate Miniatures comes through with their oft promised Vindicator kit. Anyone heard anything about it or is it "dead" again. Sure would like to see it produced.


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Milton Bell

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Hub & Diane Plott

Some of the shots in that movie are literally one of a kind. Ever notice the Consolidated Coronado? I've sure never seen any other color film on TBD Devastators. Gotta fast forward past that so-called plot, though.

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