I just picked up one of the new(ish) DML P-51D kits. To the eyeball, in the
box, it looks like, well, a P-51D. It has recessed panel lines, of course,
and a lot of recessed rivet details. Unfortunately, it has this abundance
of recessed rivets on the wings as well. As I remember, in order to get the
smoothest airflow over the airfoil, all the P-51D wings had the rivets
puttied over and the wings painted aluminum. Did DML screw the pooch on the
wings or am I just suffering from a senior moment?
Also, I found a couple 1/32 scale decal sheets for the "D" but not many on
the Squadron site and the same ones on the Eagle Strike/Aeromaster site.
There must be more than that. Can someone refer me to a source for 1/32
scale P-51 decals?
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Bill Woodier
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DML screwed the pooch, it's been bitched about incessantly on Hyperscale. Simple fix is mask access panels, putty and sand just like they did for that "extra realistic modelling experience".............
Bill Woodier wrote:
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Ron Smith
formatting link
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I read the review link for the model at from what I read it is the worlds worst waste of petroleum. fun to read as he really tears the kit apart.
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Looks like they employed the grandson of the 'Airfix Riveter'
P51 - 5000 rivets flying in close formation ?
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Tony Gartshore
A shame, since the molding, as opposed to the modeling, looks first rate--one of those "shake the box and out comes a model" kits.
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