electronic question (slightly OT)

Hi Troops:
I finally obtained a copy of that new, upgraded release of the
Battle of Britain movie DVD from Amazon, UK. Now this is a "region 2"
DVD. I have been told that there are multi region DVD players available.
Anybody have a lead on a source/manufacturer's cat.no.?
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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you talking home or pc? many of both. just look for a region free player. more advice in the dvd groups...
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you could try to google the name and # of the player with something like + unlock
I know many players are locked, but are unlocked by certain key combis on the remote unit etc.
there are a few websites too, i dont have a dvd player so cant tell you much more
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales
Try "multi-region dvd player" as a set of keywords to search!
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Richard Brooks
If it's just this one disc you have to deal with, you might also ask someone with a knack for these things to make a copy of the DVD for you. Technically, that would not be legal, but hey, you paid for the right to watch that movie. Being of dubious legality, the tools used in this process will not bother replicating such irritants as region codes.
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Rob van Riel
dvd shrink and a burner=diy.
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